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Japansk-Svenska Foreningen i Chubu

Chuou-Nishi, Minamiwake-Haitsu 1F, 2-6 Minamiwake-cho,
Shouwa-ku, Nagoya, Japan


@The object of the Japanese-Swedish Society in Chubu is to foster and promote friendly relations between Japanese, Swedes and people who have an interest in Sweden. This is done by interacting with the Swedish diplomatic corps to Japan, corporate bodies and individuals.

The society conducts activities like round table conferences, concerts, movies, lectures, exhibitions, and introduces publications. It also produces a bulletin and a yearbook ("Smultronstallet").



Gathering on 2nd Thursday in alternate months of odd numbers (i.e.January,March,...)at restaurant "SUPER DRY-NAGOYA"at Hirokoji-dori near Nagoya station from gathering on@MAY 10,2018.
Reservations (required) should be made at least 2 days before the event (on Tuesday).
@Phone: 052-851-6820

"Excellent Sweden", published by the Swedish Embassy
The Blond Blue Eyed japanese of Northern Europe

Swedish lessons for beginners:
Friday evening, 18:30 to 20:00
Satruday afternoon, 15:30 to 17:30
at ASAHI Culture Center, Sakae SKYLE Bld, .11F
Phone: 052-581-3631

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